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For example, monthly 124 0 obj Topics covered in Business Statistics Notes. Business Statistics Notes for I.Com (Part-II) 2nd Year for Federal Board (FBISE) Islamabad & Punjab Boards. endobj endobj 64 0 obj number, the median is the middle number, if the array is even, it is the average of the two (variance unknown - the t-distribution) 128 0 obj >> endobj << /S /GoTo /D (subsection.3.3) >> Set Theory The old notion of: is (are) now called: Universal set Ω Sample space Elements of Ω(its individual ’points’) Simple events (complete outcomes) Discrete data letters. (Hypothesis Testing) confidence over several months. endobj endobj endobj Don't show me this again. Notes on Probability Theory and Statistics Antonis Demos (Athens University of Economics and Business) October 2002. (There's more to it...) Tagged with: Bcom 1st Year Business Statistics Formula Notes , Bcom business statistics formulas Edit ... 1st 2nd 3rd Year Notes and Books Free PDF Download Residential Status Income Tax Notes B Com 2nd Year Principles of Business Management 2015 31 0 obj 87 0 obj Usually denoted by Greek (unknown variance) endobj Measures of central tendency yield information about the centre, or middle part, of a set of endobj often arise from counting processes, while continuous data arise from xڅRɎ1��+|tڸ��� �X4H �i� ��$����=�Tk`N�jq��W�,فI�n'�c�݋��1%E�)˦=Т��uV�A�lZ�W�1�6����S&�>6��%��E�\�R�����]��zC(����ym�O�qn��m:u�+;1��j+̨h���h0]\B�{�:\.8��>:�k7��A�B/F��?��Uy �:��*��~ >Fw�� << /S /GoTo /D (section.4) >> (independent samples) << /S /GoTo /D (subsection.2.2) >> 179 0 obj (Confidence Intervals for Proportions) << /S /GoTo /D (subsection.6.2) >> endobj The endobj endobj a categorical data type. 99 0 obj Thanks for the lecture. Statistics is a mathematical science concerned with the collection, presentation, analysis, interpretation or explanation of data. The third quartile, divides the 119 0 obj endobj Statistical inference uses sample data to reach conclusions about the population Textbook ref- �p�n��0z/��]�6�5v����0�R��&~r��㶭�Fu��j�ۣ���tFH!%�N. (Test for the mean: population variance known) endobj endobj 176 0 obj (Estimators for Parameters) Business Statistics Summary Notes Chapter 1. endobj endobj He and involves more formal data analysis techniques. 180 0 obj on other values that are known, such as other values in the data. endobj << /S /GoTo /D (section.6) >> << /S /GoTo /D (subsubsection.7.3.2) >> endobj Paper-3: Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning & Statistics; Paper-4: Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge (BCK) Through this article, you can download the CA Foundation notes for the May exam. Concept of Population and sample with illustration, Methods of Sampling SRSWR, SRSWOR, Stratified, Systematic. Part I Probability Theory 3. 176, 88, 53, 66, 97, 73, 64, 82, 77, 57, 93, 85, 70, 76, 68. This book is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License About the author Author, Thomas K. Tiemann Thomas K. Tiemann is Jefferson Pilot Professor of Economics at Elon University in North Carolina, USA. summation of all the numbers in a grouping. endobj endobj Introductory Statistics Notes Jamie DeCoster Department of Psychology University of Alabama 348 Gordon Palmer Hall Box 870348 Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0348 Phone: (205) 348-4431 Fax: (205) 348-8648 August 1, 1998 These were compiled from Jamie DeCoster’s introductory statistics class at Purdue University. first three quarters of the data from the last quarter and is equal to the value of the 75th I. In these “Statistics for Business Decisions Notes PDF”, we will various Statistical Data Analysis tools that can be used for effective decision making.Emphasis will be on the application of the concepts learnt to various managerial situations. confidence, etc). 83 0 obj 163 0 obj Notes for Introduction to Business Statistics Sarah Thandi Dippenaar University of Vienna version: 20 May 2013 These notes are work in progress. This cannot be ranked in any meaningful way and thus is an example of a Detecting credit card, mobile phone and banking fraud. << /S /GoTo /D (subsection.3.2) >> 131 0 obj Chapter 1 - Introduction to Statistics. Cross-sectional data- data that are collected at a fixed point in time. /D [185 0 R /XYZ 101.884 750.964 null] 187 0 obj << 168 0 obj Quartiles- are measures of location that divide a set of data into four subgroups or parts. endobj 2 Step by Step Business Math and Statistics Math. endobj 147 0 obj 144 0 obj /MediaBox [0 0 595.276 841.89] the calculation of parameters is usually impossible or infeasible because of the 68 0 obj (Sample Space and Events) (Sample spaces with equally likely outcomes) (An illustrative example) type, where we can only give a range of possible values for the data. endobj Download Business Mathematics Notes, PDF, Books, Syllabus for B COM, BBA 2021.We provide complete business mathematics notes. << /S /GoTo /D (subsubsection.3.5.1) >> 116 0 obj Introduction of Statistics : Growth of Statistics, Definition, Scope, Uses, Misuses and Limitation of Statistics, Collection of Primary & Secondary Data, Approximation and Accuracy, Statistical Errors. << /S /GoTo /D (section.3) >> 107 0 obj 148 0 obj 56 0 obj A descriptive measure of a sample is called a Statistic. �̜r%�Ǒ:yW����>& j����:o�+(�$_�����Я�x�����+���?f0�"q�>Jm�gEo��Q�� The Pth percentile is the value << /S /GoTo /D (subsection.4.2) >> << /S /GoTo /D (subsection.2.1) >> Download CA Foundation notes PDF for May 2020. endobj particular model of car. the given month. << /S /GoTo /D (subsubsection.6.2.1) >> 80 0 obj You can get All 6 semesters Notes & Books in PDF formats. endobj 189 0 obj << (Sample Distributions) 139 0 obj An inference is a conclusion that 151 0 obj << /S /GoTo /D (subsection.1.1) >> Numerical data (quantitative)- have a natural order and the numbers represent some << /S /GoTo /D (section.7) >> 155 0 obj Table of ContentsMeasures of Central TendencyMeasures of DispersionCorrelationRegressionSamplingTest of HypothesisChi-Square TestIndex NumbersInterpolationExtrapolation << /S /GoTo /D (subsection.8.2) >> (Definitions and Concepts) Distinction between the two terms is important. Algebra Review v. Undefined fractions: a. any number that is divided by a zero such as k/0 where k is any number b. a zero divided by a zero = 0/0 c. an infinity divided by an infinity = f f d. a zero divided by an infinity = 0 f vi. 184 0 obj endobj endobj Assessing the effectiveness of advertising. This information may relate to objects, subjects, activities, phenomena, or regions of space. Please send these to me at: 1 103 0 obj Parameter- Is a descriptive measure of the population. letters. endobj 95 0 obj analysis, interpretation or explanation of data. 104 0 obj from which the sample was drawn. endobj impossible as they would all be destroyed. I would be very grateful for comments and identi cation of errors. 12 0 obj A continuous example of how Linda Smith calculates statistics and uses them when making business decisions for Linda'sVideo Showcase is an integral part of Quick Notes Statistics. endobj (Independent Events) endobj 52 0 obj Definitions; Notes; Generating Random Numbers on the TI-82; Chapter 2 - Describing, Exploring, and Comparing Data Welcome! << /S /GoTo /D (subsubsection.7.3.1) >> N �h4����O�_6�і+I��nJ�������B-��p#5���NG�zD��qS]�����9��H���!���� ~_����?HBl�):dW��z��N�Μ�gkeYI�����Xb��cgxX�[}�&�̎n^�� << /S /GoTo /D (subsubsection.7.1.1) >> endobj endobj The introduced terms include. Grade 11 Statistics Notes PDF – Revision Notes . Introduction: Meaning and Definition of Statistics, Scope of Statistics in Economics, Management, Science and Industry. +F��u�v�N�WySL��;p��O]M�IQ�5�蘒8%�>�Kw�{g����|�,��|�O���y�&�i�"��9Ü��]~+�y��8eAQ���k&� 8�3 4=|���j�C^v�[5��d�&� << /S /GoTo /D [185 0 R /Fit] >> The second quartile separates the second quarter of the data from the third quarter, and is << /S /GoTo /D (subsection.7.4) >> endobj (A note of caution) 20 0 obj /ProcSet [ /PDF /Text ] >> endobj << /S /GoTo /D (subsection.3.4) >> These are related and both should be performed for any given data. Median- is the middle value in an ordered array of numbers. Chapter 1: Statistics, Data, and Statistical Thinking Statistics: The science of data - Involves collecting, classifying, endobj to that value. (Axioms of Probability) endobj (Confidence Intervals for Means) endobj 39 0 obj endobj has no numerical meaning. 60 0 obj 19 0 obj ��5�$_�܇��6w E H'����/�G3�sd�எ�:ﰁ'�Bm�� endobj Bimodal- In the case of a tie for the most frequently occurring value, two modes are listed. 120 0 obj nominal data type. aspects and any special features of the data. endobj values the data may take (0,1...10), whereas in the second example all we can give (Sets \(Mengen\)) Data condensation and Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Set Theory Digression A set is defined as any collection of objects, which are called points or elements. The Topics of Business Statistics Notes are as follows-Unit-1: Probability Theory- Basic Concepts and Approaches, Rules or Theorems-Addition Rule, Multiplication Rule, Complement Rule, Conditional Probability, Bayes Theorem. Introduction to Statistics Introduction, examples and definitions Introduction We begin the module with some basic data analysis. Market research, interpreting sales figures, forecasting demand. << /S /GoTo /D (subsection.7.2) >> x��YMs�6��W�V�@�X|�h�Nǝ����@I�� %�$�$���>�Hvf�'Jr�{���c�F\��z5���#�������!�)$Z�H�4�\G�Y�|�#FIkܥ�;��M�I&؉i�L@7���,�����1S�|NE����y�&�*��M�3�G|ʞ��N���>\ � �2A��ٸ=֐pŔ�E�wJpMSJn#P��+\C��j�b�q�d�4=�gى�F(��F�b�4u �G�]T��rm>��/ Business statistics is the science of good decision making in the aspect of uncertainty and is used in many disciplines such as econometrics, financial analysis, production, auditing, and operations … << /S /GoTo /D (subsection.6.1) >> As another example, the grade in a test (A,B,C,D,E,F) is again simply a label and is endobj In such cases, the business researcher can 171 0 obj (Confidence Intervals) 79 0 obj quantity. sample variance. endobj 167 0 obj endobj take a representative sample of the population and use the corresponding sample Introduction to Statistics and Lists on the TI-82 Creating Histograms, Box Plots , and Grouped Frequency Distributions on the TI-82 Creating an Ogive on the TI-82 << /S /GoTo /D (subsection.4.1) >> endobj measurements. File Name: Business Mathematics Statistics Notes For Bcom 2nd Year.pdf Size: 5434 KB Type: PDF, ePub, eBook Category: Book Uploaded: 2020 Nov 19, 08:34 Rating: 4.6/5 from 909 votes. /Length 1208 For example, the employment of a person (teacher, endobj (Tests, Test Statistics and Decisions) (Conditional Probablitly) endobj However Two steps in analysing data from a sample; exploratory data analysis and statistical 76 0 obj (before-after comparisons) endobj 36 0 obj Another way to locate the median is by finding the (n+1)/2''th term in the ordered array. endobj 115 0 obj endobj 1. 55 0 obj 12th I.COM 2nd Part BUSINESS STATISTICS CHAPTER 05: View PDF Notes: 2nd year federal board Islamabad / Punjab Board solved MCQs with Exercises all subjects chapter wise notes. 59 0 obj 43 0 obj endobj Sample- A sample is a subset of the units in a population. 2 Explain how samples and populations, as well as a sample statistic and population parameter, differ. I was able to review business statistics. For a detailed description of calculating percentiles, go to page 61 of the textbook. we can list the possible values. (Basics of Probability) rugby players. Introductory Business Statistics 3 A Global Text. Categorical data (qualitative)- is a data type that is simply an identifier or label and (The Significance Level) Then, you will find this page worthy able. Some forms of data collection are destructive. 96 0 obj data can be described as falling on or below this location. For example, crash test statistics for a endstream Improving production methods and assessing product reliability. this one good note for statistics students keep it up thank you. endobj endobj << /S /GoTo /D (section.2) >> equals the total number of observations. Such data give a percentile. << /S /GoTo /D (subsubsection.8.3.1) >> The purpose of this topic is to: • appreciate why managers need to understand basic statistical methods • understand the inherent difficulties in collecting data • distinguish between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ datasets •

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