how to get rid of raccoons eating cat food

Also, secure your horse food better so that they can't get in - metal cans with latches or bungees holding the lids on work well. They can scale rock, brick and stone. Food: Raccoons are omnivorous, eating both plants and animals in developed areas and agricultural settings. Outside cats will go find mice and squirrels if they are THAT hungry. Then the raccoons started coming in through pet door and eating inside. This deterrent method will trick raccoons into thinking predators … Spray Vinegar. Certain crops are susceptible to raccoons. I feed our strays on the back porch where it's easy to get the bowls for refills of food and water. Put the food inside. They may even frighten the deer off so that they have the feed to themselves. Raccoons have distinct black masks on their faces, which often characterizes them as bandits. No big issues if you use live traps: they’ll never get close to it again. While we are combating the … When relocating, take the coon at least 10 miles away to a raccoon-friendly environment. Raccoons aren’t the only thing that will eat your cats food! It’s a heavy-duty trap with features that increase its safety and lifespan. A raccoon will kill a cat very easily. For the average raccoon, bungee cords are very effective. discuss why this might be the case with your home., Looking for suggestions, folks. The availability of food sources in close proximity to potential den sites attracts female raccoons to nest. I only full the bowl up a 1/4 of the way and they become frustrated and move on. All raccoons require is access to food, shelter, and a water supply. Raccoons are just…remarkable, for all that they do cause no end of problems. The easiest way to deter the raccoons from your bird feeder or pet food is to simply remove the bird feeder and don't allow excess pet food to remain out overnight. These DIY methods are cheap and effective ways to combat small ant problems, but not enough to treat multiple nests plaguing your home, or even a single large nest. The raccoons and cats eat right out of the same dish. They will likely run away if it is bothering them regularly. People leave out food for pets, and it is easy for a raccoon to eat the food instead. How Often Can You Bathe A Cat With Fleas. Their role within the food chain helps to prevent overpopulation. Raccoons can eat just about anything. She has to sit outside while her cats eat and the raccoon comes out watching her. If you have raccoons in your area, make sure that, if allowed to go outside, your cat is never kept in a cage or other enclosure that might trap it and prevent it from getting away (raccoons might come into said enclosure to eat its food, and the cat would have nowhere to hide). Place the trap in an area where you’ve seen raccoons feeding or near their nest if you’ve been able to identify it on your property. Also, secure your horse food better so that they can't get in - metal cans with latches or bungees holding the lids on work … They even eat cat and dog food! Raccoons do NOT scare easily, and are quite happy to protect “their” food from creatures as large as a bear. These strategies will help eradicate raccoons from your property and help stop them from returning. Once inside, a raccoon may rip apart insulation and damage ductwork. It’s no secret that raccoons are a nuisance. But it’s better to avoid that if possible. Pet owners and bird watchers should keep an eye on outdoor food dishes and bird feeders. Anyone have any suggestions as to how to persuade this cat to jump up to the food? It isn’t enough to just close the lid, either; raccoons are perfectly capable of lifting and removing trash can lids in search of food. This all leads up to a fight between a cat and a raccoon. I have researched several websites that refer to this particular site and the url does not work ( Other bait to lure raccoons. A good rule of thumb is to leave the raccoon at least 10 miles away from residential property, such as a forest or other wooded area. This is a fight your cat will not win. This is also a good tip if … My stray cat only comes at night. It basically just describes what you see and says “get this piece from Home Depot”. After getting rid of them, cover the entrances and exits with 10-gauge galvanized hardware mesh (1/4 or 1/3 inch thick wire). Prevention: Keep away food sources like pet food or bird seed. Here’s a guide to the most common household invaders and the risks they carry: The answer depends on where you live. Read more about specific traps. What does this mean for homeowners? then when cats already know the spot of food. Roughly 50-70% of their populations consist of animals under a year old. For homeowners with swimming pools, raccoons may be an unexpected problem as they leave their droppings in the water on the top steps in the shallow end. Raccoons who live around people supplement their diets by visiting nearby homes on a regular basis, looking for their share of any dog and cat food that has been left out. By feeding your strays in the morning or daytime hours you will cut down on the chances of this nighttime bandit stealing those yummy morsels. Damaged and gnawed ears of corn and partially-eaten melons are signs of a raccoon’s appetite. Raccoons can be a severe crisis at home. How to Get Rid of Raccoons. As nocturnal animals, raccoons will rarely be seen during daytime hours. Raccoons are nocturnal and will generally avoid human contact, but they are decidedly brave when it comes to ransacking yards for food. Furthermore, many wildlife removal companies offer money-back or satisfaction guarantees in which the professionals will continue trying different methods until the problem is successfully taken care of, or they’ll give you your money back if they aren’t successful.

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