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6. Census records are uncommon in Germany since censuses were not undertaken on a regular basis and did not have comprehensive coverage. A few censuses have been taken by various German states, provinces, and cities, and by some ecclesiastical officials. The Register is available to search and view on our partner sites F… County Schaumburg (part of Hesse-Cassel) (by agreement of 13 November 1841) (the county was since 1828 a member of the Central German Trade Association) Search all records Collection Catalog Birth, Marriage & Death Census records Family trees Newspapers Immigration records Hire a researcher Help All Collections ‎ > Census & Voter Lists ‎ > Other ‎ > German Minority Census, 1939 Prussia with its associated States and affiliated enclaves - Anhalt-Bernburg (since June 17, 1826), Insert non-formatted text here Anhalt-Dessau (since July 17, 1828), Anhalt-Köthen (since July 17, 1828), Waldeck (since 16th April 1831), enklavierte areas of Schwarzburg-Sondershausen (since October 25, 1819), enklavierte areas of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt (since June 24, 1822), enclave Allstedt (Saxony-Weimar) (since June 27, 1823), Enclave Oldisleben (Saxony-Weimar) (since June 27, 1823), Enclave Rossow (Mecklenburg-Schwerin) (since 2 December 1826), Enclave Netzeband (Mecklenburg-Schwerin) (since 2 December 1826), Enclave Schoenberg (to Mecklenburg-Schwerin) (since 2 December 1826), Enclave Volkenroda (Saxony-Coburg and Gotha) (since July 4, 1829), Enclave Oberamt Meisenheim (to Hesse-Homburg) (since 31 December 1829), the Principality of Birkenfeld enclave (Oldenburg) (since July 24, 1830) 5. Hotels In 1843, the Directive has been issued to carry out the counting house by house. Read this article about censuses in Germany: A census is a count and description of the population. For all form types the following is listed: For some forms, the following information may also be listed: Information requested on the Household Lists included: For the Census Cards, the following information was listed: Denmark ruled all of Schleswig-Holstein, including Lübeck and parts of Hamburg and Oldenburg, until 1864. They are available to view on ==Records at The following explains the various states and their enclaves that belonged before and after 1834 to the Zollverein. Here are two maps that show which countries belong. Use census information carefully since accurate information may not have been given to or understood by the census taker. The information found in the parish registers is key to your research, but there’s often even more family information to be found in the German census records. A new development in German census records may make tracing your immigrant German ancestors more feasible than ever before! After 1834: The format of the census recording was more or less underdeveloped. The results of the evaluation have been published step by step since May 2013. What is the census and why was it compiled? By 1864, Denmark dominated Schleswig-Holstein, including Lübeck and parts of Hamburg and Oldenburg. The Family History Library has the 1819 census on 60 rolls of microfilm. (See above: Minorities Census 1938). Censuses were taken primarily for taxation or military purposes. 3., one of the Genealogy Giants subscription websites, has several new German vital records collections now available online. City of Hamburg (passed through contract of 1881, in force 1888) Click on the image to enlarge it. The census is listed in the site Search the Family History Library of the catalog under: The exodus of the 1819 Mecklenburg-census can be found at working group people number-register. Censuses in Germany. The Zollverein was an association of German states formed to ease heavy customs and trade policies; for example, to transport goods from Königsberg to Cologne without heavy dues and assesments. Location of … The index is also available on microfilm 6,001,784-788. It also contains the length of stay at the residence and some additional comments. An overview of German Censuses from each province can be found in Dr. Roger P. Minert's book, Name of parish in which the birthplace belongs, Relationship to head of household (usually given), How many years the person lived in the present place of residence, the reason why visitors were in the census area, An indexed extraction of the 1819 Mecklenburg census is to be found at. The German Genealogy Group (GGG) Surname List is a compilation of the surnames submitted by members of the GGG. For additional context see "German census records 1816-1916 : the when, where, and how of a valuable genealogical resource". Nassau (by agreement of 10 December 1835) (Nassau was already since 1828 a member of the Central German Trade Association) See GERMANY, [STATE] - CENSUS. The idea of a duty-free single market came from the Confederation of the Rhine. The Family History Library has the 1819, 1867, 1890, and 1900 censuses for Mecklenburg-Schwerib. Learn everything you can about them and you’ll be more prepared to begin digging in German records. In Prussia there were from 1816 census the number of public and private houses and the population was listed by sex and age;those under 14, those 14-60 and those over 60. Before 1834: Census Taking-Before 1871. Other names may be written as they sound. The first two census revisions were conducted before the Volga German colonies were settled. Denmark took several censuses of this area. (FHL book 943.17 B4s water. There was a complete census (not a revision) of the Russian Empire conducted in 1897, but most of it was destroyed in a fire during the early Soviet years. 7. To search without a surname, please select a record set from Within . The 1819, 1867-, 1890- and 1900 & nbsp; censuses of Mecklenburg-Schwerin and various census records of Schleswig-Holstein are the main censuses available in the Library. Sources: Michel, Harald. Records that may be available include Census (Revision) Lists, Church records, Family Lists, Communion Registers, and Military Draft Lists. A service provided by, "German census records 1816-1916 : the when, where, and how of a valuable genealogical resource", The Erfasung the population prior 1816 -1933, Topographie der Herzogthümer Holstein und Lauenburg,, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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