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The International Conference on High­-Energy Physics (ICHEP2020), held 28 July–6 August, 2020. Petrasso,, S.Yu. This conference series began in 1970 at Duke University. Baton, A. Colaïtis, C. Rousseaux, G. Boutoux, ... K. Shigemori,, J.P. Sauppe, S. Palaniyappan, J.L. 12 Sep 2021 - 17 Sep 2021 • Vienna, Austria, Stefan Meyer Institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Low-energy QCD Precision experiments with atoms, neutrons, and charged particles, Antihydrogen: CPT and gravity, Leptonic atoms: QED and gravity, CP violation, Kaon-nucleon and kaon-nucleus interaction, Cosmology, dark matter and energy, Neutrino physics, Hadron physics at colliders, Future facilities and instrumentation, Mathematical Foundations of the Swampland Program, 13 Sep 2021 - 24 Sep 2021 • Mainz, Germany, Mainz Institute for Theoretical Physics, Johannes Gutenberg University. During the International Conference on High-Energy Physics (ICHEP 2020), the ATLAS collaboration presented the first observation of photon collisions producing pairs of W bosons, elementary particles that carry the weak force, one of the four fundamental forces. Landen, D.T. Conference Software ... 09 Nov 2020 - 13 Nov 2020 • Bangalore, India. All accepted abstracts remain in place and the subscribers as well as the registrants will be contacted. LINK: Yearly: HEDLA: 13 th Conference in High Energy Density Laboratory Astrophysics: Lisbon, Portugal: Week starting 25 May-2020? The workshop "Detection and analysis of gravitational waves in the era of multi-messenger astronomy: From mathematical modelling to machine learning", provides a forum, unique in its genre, for discussing new mathematical methods in modelling, detecting, and analyzing gravitational waves, as well as their integration with machine learning, or artificial intelligence. Meezan,, O.L. Adrian, C. Forrest, ... R.D. Always check with the meeting organiser before making arrangements to participate in an event! Since the first conferences of the series took place in Rochester, New York, the event is also commonly … Searches and Machine Learning Meet the Precision Frontier, 12 Apr 2021 - 15 Apr 2021 • UC Santa Barbara, United States, Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics (KITP). The Third International Conference on Physics, Mathematics and Statistics (ICPMS2020) May 20-22, 2020, Kunming, China. SNP School 2020 — The International School for Strangeness Nuclear Physics 2020. It dates back to 1988 when Prof. Milla Baldo Ceolin conceived it and launched the first edition. Although the first detection of these "ripples of space-time" is only a few years old, scientists can now harness the potential of gravitational waves in testing Einstein’s General Relativity theory under extreme conditions, helping to understand the origin of matter, and measuring the evolution of the Universe. Particle Physicists study matter at is smallest scale and try to reveal how the physical world is constructed from elementary particles and the forces acting between them. He,, R.E. The 40th International Conference on High Energy Physics (ICHEP) starts today. The three broad focus areas will be: Conformal field theories with boundaries and defects Supersymmetry and Duality with boundaries and defects Curved space, gravity and entanglement, International Conference on Strings, Fields and Holograms, 11 Oct 2021 - 15 Oct 2021 • Ascona, Switzerland. It provides an opportunity for the entire particle physics community to come together to identify and document a scientific vision for the future of particle physics in the U.S. and its international partners. Properties of the tau lepton, as well as methods of using tau leptons as a probe for new physics, will be discussed, along with a review of future experimental projects. 40th International Conference on High Energy Physics ICHEP is a series of international conferences organized by the C11 commission of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP). Conference coordinator;     Phone: [+1 812-855-5466];     Email:, Hadronic decays, CP and T violation, CKM matrix and Flavour Mixing, Rare decays, Precision SM tests, CPT and Quantum Mechanics, Lepton universality and flavour violation, Anomalous Magnetic Moment of the muon, Neutrino Physics, Chiral perturbation theory, Physics beyond the Standard Model, Future opportunities in Tau Physics, PUMA2021 — Probing the universe with Multimessenger Astronomy, 27 Sep 2021 - 01 Oct 2021 • Sestri Levante, Italy, University of Genova and INFN-Sezione di Genova. It will highlight the physics of baryons and related subjects in astro-, nuclear- and particle-physics, developing our understanding of the spectrum, structure and reactions of baryons using all available tools. If necessary due to Coronavirus or venue restrictions it will be an online webinar only. International Conference on High Energy Physics 2017 - 11-12 Dec 2017, Roma, Italy (64250) Important Please, check the official conference website for possible changes, before you make any traveling arrangements Another ingredient of the catalogue of particles is the Higgs boson, discovered at the CERN Lab's Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in 2012. Additionally, many other areas have made major advances in recent years whose implications for quantum field theory with boundaries and defects have yet to be explored fully: the conformal bootstrap, dualities among (2+1)d quantum field theories, supersymmetric localization, integrability, and so on. Abstract: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the original program has been canceled. Welcome to the website of the 24th International Conference on Computing in High Energy and Nuclear Physics. 40th International Conference on High Energy Physics (ICHEP2020) 30 July-5 August 2020. Snowmass is a scientific study. will be presented. “Snowmass”) is organized by the Division of Particles and Fields (DPF) of the American Physical Society. A proper description of these phenomena requires a unified theory of quantum gravity. By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. The Seville meeting follows the successful events in Glasgow (2013) and Tallahassee (2016); and canvass similar themes. The conference consists of two parts: the first day will be a symposium on Asian nuclear physics research facilities, which will exchange research work on existing nuclear physics research facilities in Asia, and discuss the future plans for nuclear science facilities in Asia; the second day is the ANPhA board meeting that will discuss cooperation among Asian countries and regions in nuclear science research and education and nuclear physics facilities, and will select the next Council. We expect to forge a path that blends together new ideas on how our description of the structure of space and time must be modified to fully understand how to combine gravity with quantum physics. As it enters a new phase of extended data accumulation, two broad challenges emerge: how to fulfill the potential for percent-level precision with the large dataset, and how to maximise the information that can be extracted from each event about the underlying scattering process, in particular with machine learning. A conference to gather an overview of the status and future prospects of astrophysics and cosmology with a multimessenger approach. Gordon Research Seminar — String Theory, Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics, 26 Jun 2021 - 27 Jun 2021 • Stonehill College, Easton, MA, United States, Systematic Effects and Nuisance Parameters in Particle Physics Data Analyses, 27 Jun 2021 - 02 Jul 2021 • Banff Centre in Alberta, Canada. Haines, P.J. It has been held every two years since more than 50 years, and is the reference conference of particle physics where most relevant results are presented. No one can predict the results that will be shown here. This workshop brings together experts from around the world advancing very different perspectives, identify important open problems, and connecting diverse methods used by different groups. COMS. 12 Apr 2021 - 15 Apr 2021 • University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom, Organised by IOP Astroparticle, High Energy Particle & Nuclear Physics Groups. Long Program — Mathematical and Computational Challenges in the Era of Gravitational Wave Astronomy, 13 Sep 2021 - 17 Dec 2021 • Los Angeles, CA, United States, Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (IPAM), UCLA. Researchers from all around the world are gathering in Oaxaca to discuss recent progress in, and the future of gravitational-wave science. Bates, R.K. Follett, J.G. The scientific program will be devoted to the latest experimental and theoretical developments in nucleus nucleus collisions with a wide range of topics. The Neutrino Telescopes Workshop is one of the most prestigious and longest tradition international events in the field of Particle Physics. Obenschain,, S.I. It soon developed into a discussion forum for the latest discoveries and new ideas shaping the fascinating future scenarios in topics ranging from Neutrinos to Astrophysics and Cosmology. Landen, D. Ho, L. Berzak Hopkins, ... A. Nikroo,, Hui Chen, Marc Vandenboomgaerde, Ogden S. Jones,, Tomihiko Kojima, Taichi Morita, Naoji Yamamoto,, Y. Maeda, Y. Hironaka, T. Iwasaki, K. Kawasaki, ... K. Shigemori,, V.A. Lectures by leading physicists will overview related subjects both from experiment and theory, and topical talks on recent progress and future prospects of the fields will be also given. Campina ... 8th International Conference on High Energy Physics in the LHC Era (HEP-Chile 2021) 4-8 January 2021. The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the world’s facility for probing fundamental physics at the electroweak scale and well beyond. The Big Bang Stage brings together an exciting selection of … Recent developments at existing facilities and those anticipated from the next-generation will also be showcased. 40th International Conference on High Energy Physics (ICHEP) 30. červenec - 05. srpen 2020 Kongresové centrum Praha, Praha Gordon Research Conference — String Theory, Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics, 27 Jun 2021 - 02 Jul 2021 • Stonehill College, Easton, MA, United States, 11 Jul 2021 - 20 Jul 2021 • Seattle, WA, United States. 15 Jan 2021 - 17 Jan 2021 • Lisbon, Portugal, Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon (Portugal), Geometry, Analysis, and Quantum Physics of Monopoles, 31 Jan 2021 - 05 Feb 2021 • Banff Centre in Alberta, Canada, Banff International Research Station for Mathematical Innovation and Discovery (BIRS). Holographic duality constitutes a major advance in this direction linking together quantum field theory and quantum gravity and in particular string theory. The well-known proton, neutron and similar particles are composed of quarks. We believe that such wider discussions are useful for young physicists and also to researches conducted at accelerator facilities for hadron beams such as J-PARC (Japan), GSI and FAIR (Germany), RCNP (Japan) and for electron beams as CEBAF at Jefferson Lab (USA), MAMI-C at Mainz University (Germany) and ELPH at Tohoku University (Japan) etc. 27 Sep 2021 - 08 Oct 2021 • Mainz, Germany. The main goals of the workshop is both to introduce researches from different communities to key models and results and to outline unresolved problems actively investigated by these different communities. High Energy Physics Conference scheduled on September 20-21, 2022 in September 2022 in Paris is for the researchers, scientists, scholars, engineers, academic, scientific and university practitioners to present research activities that might want to attend events, meetings, seminars, congresses, workshops, summit, and symposiums. Gu, ... P.X. Landen, S. Ali, ... S.A. Yi,, T. Nishiura, H. Satou, S. Kawata, Y.J. Rich mathematical structures appear in supersymmetric quantum field theories. Fusion and Fission Hadron Physics and QCD Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions, QGP Equation of State of Neutron-Rich Nuclear Matter Nuclear Structure from collisions Nuclear Reactions Nuclear Astrophysics Heavy and Superheavy Elements Instrumentation and Facilities Applications of Nuclear Science and Technologies, International Physics School on Muon Dipole Moments and Hadronic Effects, 29 Aug 2021 - 03 Sep 2021 • Mainz, Germany. Esirkepov, D. Neely, ... A.S. Pirozhkov,, T. Morita, K. Tomita, K. Sakai, M. Takagi, ... Y. Sakawa,, Hiromitsu Kiriyama, Alexander S. Pirozhkov, Mamiko Nishiuchi, Yuji Fukuda, ... Kiminori Kondo,, Takashi Sekine, Takashi Kurita, Masateru Kurata, Takaaki Morita, ... Eisuke Miura,, S. Namba, C. John, T. Morishita, N. Kubo, ... M. Nishikino,, Y. Abe, T. Johzaki, A. Sunahara, Y. Arikawa, ... Y. Kitagawa,, M.N. NeuTel 2021 — 19th International Workshop on Neutrino Telescopes, 18 Feb 2021 - 26 Feb 2021 • Virtual, Italy. The result demonstrates a new way of using the LHC, namely as a high-energy photon collider directly … Since intense advancements in mid 1970’s, numerous deep connections to theoretical physics, algebraic geometry, and geometric analysis have been discovered. World Sustainable Built Environment - … String theory is therefore in a unique position to quantitatively test - and possibly refine - such general Swampland Conjectures. Shaffer, D. Saumon, R. Perriot, ... C. Ticknor,, Huan Li, Shohei Sakata, Tomoyuki Johzaki, Xiaobin Tang, ... Shinsuke Fujioka,, H.B. High Energy Physics and Nuclear Structure scheduled on December 01-02, 2020 in December 2020 in Auckland is for the researchers, scientists, scholars, engineers, academic, scientific and university practitioners to present research activities that might want to attend events, meetings, seminars, congresses, workshops, summit, and symposiums. However, progress in these areas has largely been carried out by separated communities working in isolation from the others. Online Conference, Colombia (C20-11-30.1) ... International Symposium on Physics: Campina Grande, Brazil (ISP 2020) 15-18 December 2020. Colombian Meeting on High Energy Physics (COMHEP 2020) 30 November-4 December 2020. The 2020 Asian Nuclear Physics Association (ANPhA) meeting & the ANPhA symposium on nuclear physics facilities in Asia will be held Zoom on Dec 10-11 this year, hosted by The University of Hong Kong. Weber, O.L. In this talk Dr Katori will review particle physics and the status of the most exciting neutrino projects in the world. Under the patronage of the University of Padova celebrating in 2022 its 800 years of activity. Flippo, ... E. Malka,, Ryota Mabe, Hiroki Ishikawa, Kazumasa Takahashi, Toru Sasaki, Takashi Kikuchi,,, Kazuki Matsuo, Takayoshi Sano, Kazuki Ishigure, Hiroki Kato, ... Shinsuke Fujioka,, Jie Feng, Changbo Fu, Yifei Li, Xiaopeng Zhang, ... Liming Chen,, A. Sagisaka, K. Ogura, T.Zh. Volume 1592. Neutrino physics is one of the most flourishing fields in particle physics. The aim of this program is to connect efforts of the mathematical and physical sciences communities to address the latest advances and new challenges on the understanding of multi-messenger astronomy. Weber,, E.L. Dewald, O.L. This event may also be delivered as an online webinar. After consultations with IUPAP/C11 and IAC the ICHEP2020 conference will take place in the on-line form between 28 July and 6 August 2020. EXA & SSP 2021 — JOINT MEETING OF THE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON EXOTIC ATOMS AND RELATED TOPICS (EXA) AND THE INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON SYMMETRIES IN SUBATOMIC PHYSICS (SSP). ICHEP or International Conference on High Energy Physics is one of the most prestigious international scientific conferences in the field of particle physics, bringing together leading theorists and experimentalists of the world.It was first held in 1950, and is biennial since 1960. Understanding quantum gravity is one of the main open questions in modern theoretical physics. High Energy Physics Conference scheduled on September 24-25, 2020 in September 2020 in San Francisco is for the researchers, scientists, scholars, engineers, academic, scientific and university practitioners to present research activities that might want to attend events, meetings, seminars, congresses, workshops, summit, and symposiums. The topic of our programme is the string landscape and the swampland and should be understood in a broad sense. Seisembayeva, E.O. Smalyuk, C.R. Scientists all over the world study properties of neutrinos or use neutrinos as a new tool to investigate astrophysical objects and fundamental properties of the universe. The conference aims to strengthen cooperation among nuclear physicists in Asia, promote nuclear science education in Asia, encourage Asian nuclear scientists to coordinate through the use of existing research facilities, and discuss future plans for nuclear science facilities in Asia. The Particle Physics Community Planning Exercise (a.k.a. The 2021 edition will focus to the original, at the time pioneering, topics of the workshop: Large Detectors for Neutrino Astrophysics together with a rich program ranging from neutrino physics, flavour physics to cosmology. Excitement at the 40th International Conference on High Energy Physics August 6, 2020 | Don Lincoln LPC Distinguished Researcher Chris Palmer of Princeton University gave a plenary talk about the LHC Higgs research program at … QNP2021 — 9th International Conference on Quarks and Nuclear Physics, 20 Sep 2021 - 24 Sep 2021 • Gustav-Stresemann-Institut, Bonn, Germany, TAU2021 — 16th International Workshop on Tau Lepton Physics, 26 Sep 2021 - 01 Oct 2021 • Bloomington, Indiana, United States. Wolford, M.C. Casey, J.M. This workshop brings together experts from different areas in mathematics and theoretical physics with the aim of deepening our understanding and to foster new interdisciplinary collaborations. This scientific program thus aims to bring together a diverse group of leading theorists interested in boundaries and defects in quantum field theory, from the formal/mathematical to the applied, to forge collaborations between different areas, identify common subjects and complementary approaches, and set the agenda for future developments and new applications. 24 Oct 2021 - 29 Oct 2021 • Banff Centre in Alberta, Canada. International Conference on High Energy Nuclear Physics scheduled on December 10-11, 2020 at Rome, Italy is for the researchers, scientists, scholars, engineers, academic, scientific and university practitioners to present research activities that might want to attend events, meetings, seminars, congresses, workshops, summit, and symposiums. On the other hand, the Swampland Conjectures translate, in the context of string theory, into conjectures regarding the structure of possible compactifications, or string geometries. Boundaries and defects have been at the heart of crucial developments in theoretical physics in the last 20 years: holography (field theories could live at the boundary of a higher- dimensional gravitational theory), entanglement (the entangling surface can be treated as a defect), black holes (the horizon is a boundary), topological insulators and semi-metals (the topologically-protected massless modes live at the boundary), and non-local operators such as Wilson and ‘t Hooft lines (defects defined by appropriate boundary conditions). Volume 1591 47 th IOP Plasma Physics Conference: New IOP HQ, Kings Cross, London, UK: 21 - 24 Apr 2020 : Abstracts: 24 Jan 2020 Early reg: 6 Mar 2020. This Scientific Program proposes to study these intriguing connections between general properties of quantum gravity and the geometry of string compactifications. Peterson, ... N.B. Didactics, History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, Continuing Professional Education, Courses, High Energy Physics, Particles and Fields, Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Information Theory, Thermodynamics, Fluid Dynamics and Statistical Physics, Computational Physics and Numerical Simulation, Complex Systems, Chaos and Self-Organisation, Clusters, Nanomaterials, Graphene and Fullerenes, Quantum materials, Low Temperature Physics, X-rays, Synchrotron Radiation and Crystallography, Plasma and Gas-discharge Physics, Nuclear Fusion,,, Courses and Events for Math Students and Early Career Researchers,,,,,,, Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning,,,,,,,,,,,,

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